Rescuing Pugs throughout Central Texas

There are pugs in need all over Central Texas.

At Pug Rescue of Austin, we think all pugs deserve a chance at a happy life. Our pugs, volunteers and adopters come from all over Central Texas, including San Antonio. If you are an animal shelter or pug enthusiast in San Antonio, we are happy to discuss pug rescue and adoption in your area.

Pug Adoption in San Antonio

The adoption process is the same for San Antonio as it is for Austin. Simply fill out our
online adoption form and an adoption advisor will be in touch. We want to make sure that our dogs go to a great home, and that you get the pug that’s right for your life.

Supporting Pug Rescue

Help pugs in San Antonio by volunteering to transport pugs from local shelters to rescue in Austin.

Not ready to adopt yet? We would be happy to have you as a volunteer, even if you live outside of Austin. We have many San Antonio volunteers who help transport pugs or foster pugs in their homes until they find their furever families.

Other volunteer opportunities include:

  • Applicant Screeners
  • Fundraisers

Looking for ways to save pugs without making the drive to Austin? We are always in need of donations. If you’d like to give back to pugs in need, we have several ways you can donate. Or, feel free to contact us to discuss how you can help a San Antonio pug in need.

Together, we can improve the lives of all pugs in Central Texas!