For the roles listed on this page, apply by emailing

Our organization is 100% volunteer based with no paid staff. Fosters, Transports, Applicant Screeners, Event Organizers, Meet and Greet teams, and everyone that donates their time, talent, and energy make Pug Rescue possible.

Transport Coordinator

This volunteer would work in tandem with the intake team to coordinate (via email or phone) for the transport of a dog from their current location (animal shelters across Texas, owners who are surrendering, etc) to a foster home in Austin. PRA has a team of dedicated volunteers who are willing to help with transporting pugs on this part of their journey, it is the transport coordinator who mobilizes them while working with the intake team and the foster coordinator. Relinquishment can happen at any time, so while this might not take a large amount of time every week, it does require schedule flexibility and responsiveness. Apply by emailing

Prescreening Coordinator

Pre-screening coordinators work on the screening team to ensure that our dogs end up in safe homes. They ensure that the applications are complete, following up with the applicant to fill any gaps in information, and they assign the application to one of our amazing volunteer screeners who then begins the formal process.  Apply by emailing


Communications Coordinator

PRA receives an amazing amount of emails every week, from people with questions about adoption to information about dogs needing new homes. This person replies to all emails and forwards on emails about specific issues to other coordinators who can address them. Many of these responses are standardized and don’t take time to write, but we need someone at the helm to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Apply by emailing