Dogs’ lives are too short… Their only fault, really.” Agnes Sligh Turnbull

We know how devastating it is to lose a furry best friend.

We would like to offer you a special place on our website where you can visit your loved one anytime. Please email your pug’s story to and we will feature it on this page. If you would like to make a donation in memory of a Pug please include the pug’s name with your donation. All donations go towards vet care and re-homing expenses for the pugs we rescue.

In Memory of:

Blanche  (FKA Bossy)

For my little Blanchie…..

You came into my life like a gentle, sweet little flower, so I placed one on your collar.

From the moment I saw your photo posted by the rescue, I knew you were part of me and needed to come home.

Your innocent, sweet, loving, always forgiving soul reminded me of a part of myself.

I’m so grateful for the time we got to share together my sweet angel, but I miss you everyday.

I miss the smell of your wrinkly little head.
I miss rubbing your tiny, soft, velvet ears.
I miss you jumping onto the bed and plopping your little face down on my chest when you knew I was sad.
I miss falling asleep to all your little snorts, sniffles and grumbles.
I miss you sneezing with increasing intensity over my face until I’d wake up and give you treats in the morning… watching you run to the treat jar and wag your curly little tail in excitement.
I miss you following me into the closet when I’d get dressed for work… following me everywhere really.
I miss giving you your little facials every morning… putting on your wrinkle paste, snout butter and eye drops so meticulously and delicately.
I miss watching the goofy way you’d kick your little leg up into a yoga pose and somehow pee down the side of the fence and make me laugh out loud.
I miss the way you’d look at me like i was magic…. with all the love, amazement and sweetness in your eyes.
I miss the way you could make me stop whatever I was doing to take a few minutes and show you all the love and snuggles you probably never had in your prior life, that I always wanted to make up for.
Most of all, I miss all the time that I won’t get to spend showing you all the love and affection that you deserved.
I always told you that I was going to love you and cuddle you and take care of you forever.
Little did I know that forever would be such a short time.
You reawakened a part of me that was always there on a daily basis.
I’ll be forever grateful for the privilege of caring for and loving you, and the impact it had in my life.
I’ll be thinking of you until we meet again sweet angel.
Nicole Hotchkiss

Newman  (FKA Muggsie)

Hi there, Just wanted to send an update that Mugsie (name changed to Newman) whom I adopted in 2012 passed away earlier this year. I made a video as a dedication to him as he worked with me on a number of movies and alike.

…here is the video for Newman, which I warn is from some funny horror films and alike we did. So some of it might not make full sense, but he was the best and a true superstar. And I miss him every single day:


Good morning! It is with a heavy heart that I write to let you know that Miss Princess, who I fostered and eventually adopted, passed away yesterday morning just two months short of her 18th birthday.

This old lady has brought so much joy into our lives and I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for what your organization and your volunteers do every day. I cannot imagine our lives had we never brought this fur baby into our home.
Princess, 2009

Beverly Ann

I’m writing to inform you of the passing of Beverly Ann, who was adopted on February 11, 2015, from pug rescue. She was euthanized on Friday, September 15, 2017, for old age with pain (arthritis and degenerative back disease).

She was the greatest joy in our life, and we couldn’t have found a more perfect pet.

-Amanda S.


Almost 3 1/2 years ago I was rescued by a bonded pair, Churchill & Milton. These two found their way into our hearts and our lives were never the same. Unfortunately, on 26 October 2015, it was time for Churchill to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Churchill was and will forever be my “Pound Puppy!” He was a live stuffed animal, who loved to cuddle, pranced around everywhere he went, and would never hurt a soul. I still hear his sweet bark and howl at 4 in the morning for breakfast chow and can remember him vividly tearing through the house at 4 in the afternoon for dinner. My sweet boy, Milton and the whole family misses you more than anything. You will be forever missed and always in our hearts. I am now Milton’s person and have stepped up to watch over your friend, as I know you are watching over all of us. Rest easy my little buddy until we meet again!


churchill with family

churchill with another pug


I’ve had a lot of loss in my life, and what I have learned is that it never gets any easier to say goodbye and live without the ones you love. The heartbreak I feel from saying goodbye to my sweet little Lilo yesterday is immeasurable and weighs heavy on me. I find some comfort in knowing that she is with my brother again and that I think he would be pleased with the life and love I provided to her while they were apart. I look forward to seeing her again someday and will love and miss her everyday until then. Thanks to everyone who played a part in loving her and giving her a fulfilling life for the past 13 years. Rest in peace sweet girl. Your mother loves you. ❤️


a mosaic of Lilo


A little over two years ago you were so kind in sharing your senior rescue dog “Angel” with me. I have loved her and she has brought so much joy into my life. When I first got her she had very little fur and a few health issues. She loved to cuddle. I will always remember the first day I saw her at an adoption event. She was blind and a little hard of hearing and so afraid. I picked her up and walked around the store where it was quiet. As I held her in my arms she looked up at me and lifted her paw up to my lips. She stole my heart in that instant. She didn’t want me to put her down. I was so glad that I had completed my adoption paper work. Therefore in a very short time I was able to bring her to her forever home. When I got her home she determined the lay out of the home and figured out the doggie door (with the help of her chihuahua step brother). She couldn’t jump up but she would find me in the room and sit at my feet and get as close as she could then reach out and paw my leg to be lifted up. She was so gentle except when it came to her food! You do not get between her and food. I think this came from her time of wandering the streets.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful to Austin pug rescue and the foster parents and vets for their commitment to pugs who are lost, sick, afraid and those that just need new homes. In Angel’s case they rescued her from a San Antonio shelter where she was about to be at the end of her life. Without these people I would have never gotten the chance to experience such a very special pug with so much love to give.

Unfortunately on November 10, 2015 my little Angel left this world suddenly. I will miss her but do not regret one minute of my rescue experience.

portrait of Angel


We loved her with all our hearts and we will miss her dearly. She was the sweetest thing on this planet. Everyone who ever met her instantly loved her. We are lucky to have had her in our lives. She is now a Puga-seus.


Lady playing in grass


Anna crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 26, 2015 at the age of 12 after a 15-month struggle with degenerative myelopathy, the canine equivalent of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. She showed great courage and an indomitable spirit in her struggle against this disease. Despite complete paralysis of all four legs, she somehow managed to give me a warm wag of the tail and hoarse hello howl when I returned home each day.

Anna was the heart and soul of our pug family and will be missed every day. She was fierce and a great hunter of varmints, having successfully stalked feral cats, possums, raccoons, armadillos and, unfortunately, one skunk. She was the Alpha Female of the household and made sure every other Pug and person understood her place. She loved the “Treat Bowl,” especially tacos and spaghetti. She was our comedian and had the funniest “Woo-woo-a-woo” when she wanted to tell you something. Watch out, she’s quick with the tongue if you get close enough. As a puppy, she ate a hole in the wall big enough to put your fist through. When I was sick, she would stay up with me all night to make sure I was alright. Her greatest fear was crinkling paper (and thunder). Though never a mother, she had a loving maternal spirit toward canine puppies as well as my own human puppies. She was one in a million and I will never forget her.

Anna (October 3, 2002 – May 26, 2015)


portrait of Anna

Sammy Davis Jr Jr

Sammy Davis Jr Jr stole my heart the moment we met. The day he arrived at my house, I think Sams and I both knew he would forever be part of our family. He was a joy to have by my side, on my lap, and in my arms. His spirit stayed strong even as his body grew weak, and he very clearly let me know when it was time to say goodbye. I will always remember his one little bright eye, and the way he would collect and hoard every toy in the house. He loved being in the sunshine, walking all over his brothers, and eating anything he could get his tiny paws on. He loved, and was loved. I am forever grateful to the rescue for bringing him into my life. There will be a one-eyed-Sammy-shaped hole in my heart until we meet again.

Sammy Davis Jr Jr


Sammy Davis Jr Jr with his owner


With the heaviest of hearts, we say goodbye to Lola – known lovingly by her people as Lola Bean. She found the most perfect forever home with Bard and Abi Prochaska, and loved her fellow adopted pug mix Wendy as a big sister should. Lola was a free spirit, with the sweetest soul, and the uncanny ability to squeeze into the smallest of spaces for the perfect snuggle. She loved her people beyond measure, and was so lucky they found each other. She will be sorely missed. May comfort be found in the fact that she was never happier, or more loved, than on the farm where she frolicked, pranced, ran, played, and found her forever home for the past year.


Lola at a wedding


He was a runt but he made it to 12. His heart was just tired. I miss him terribly as well as my 8 year old black pug Bear.

-Maegan Linsdey

Rex with a stuffed hedgehog


“How lucky I was to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Tonight my world looks incredibly different, since I lost my baby Loaf a few short hours ago. I can’t believe over 14 years have passed so quickly and it was time to say goodbye. I’ve dreaded this for years and even as you try to prepare yourself, it doesn’t come close to the rawness of reality that accompanies this loss. We have referred to Loaf and Roxy as our “furry children,” and we have loved them like our own.

My heart feels like it’s broken in a million pieces and one that will remain lost forever. I have always said I just used a surrogate for him, since I was there when he was conceived and helped clear his little lungs when he was born.

Over the last year he braved cancer and amazingly defied all the odds and helped write a diary that didn’t exist for short-nosed dogs on this nasty disease that he endured. Our hope is that might help a family with options to ease some of their pain.

My sweet Loafie, no matter what I called you on any given day…The Loaf, Hunka Munka, Donkey Kong, big meatball sub, Hollywood, Loafie Lollins, Pug Puggins, Billy Bob Puggins and Judas Beast…literally just to name a few, you have left me a better person than when you found me and I am forever grateful that I got to be your mommy.

People often commented that he had the hugest smile on his face. His daddy thought that he looked like he knew the best joke in the room. You have been loved a million times over in this life and we will love and cherish you always. May you have the sweetest of dreams forever my love.


Loaf smiling


She was taken from us too soon on Feb. 2 in an apparent attack by a predatory animal in our own backyard. She was only 8 years old.

I just want everyone to know how great of a dog Sidney was – sweet, playful, patient, loyal, and funny. She loved her family, and we loved her more than I can describe.

I keep thinking about her and looking for her, and it hurts every time I realize she’s not there, and then remember exactly why she’s gone. I think our other pug, Moose, Sidney’s partner in crime, keeps looking for her too.

I look forward to hopefully volunteering at upcoming [Pug Rescue of Austin] events in memory of Sindey.


Sidney in a sandbox

Bill (AKA Doozie)

Adopting Bill was one of the best choices we ever made. He was a rambunctious, loud, and VERY cuddly old man. He loved our girl dogs and loved to hate our big dog, Buck.

Bill gave so much love in the short time we got to spend with him. He couldn’t ever jump on the couch or bed, but he would always stamp his little feet to let me know when it was time to lift him up for a cuddle session.

We will always have a special place in our hearts for this gentle old soul who we were able to share our home with, even for a short time.


Bill riding in a car


One of the best friends a person could ever hope to have has finally stopped giving 100% of himself to his daddies…and decided it was time for him to rest…

Barton, our precious pug of 17 1/2 years, bravely passed over from this world into the next around 1:20pm EST. This picture was taken a mere half hour before, demonstrating his ever-present love and adoration for the life in which he was given…and the large family in which he was always welcome and loved…

Thank you, “Barton”, “Betito”, “King Barton”, “Mr. B” for all of the love and responsibility you showed and taught me…

You will be FOREVER missed…

3/30/1997 – 9/19/2014


Barton on his owner's lap


It is with extremely heavy hearts that we share with you that our precious Pearl has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

As many of you knew and loved her, you knew a bit of her back story. Pearl was an elderly rescue dog; Tami brought her into her and Pickles’ home and heart at the approximate age of 12.

She was quite the wonderful old lady: her little tongue that so adorably peeked out of her mouth all the time, her excited bunny hops when she would see a bag of treats (completely defying her arthritic little legs), and the unconditional love she had for her humans.
Pearl was diagnosed with rapidly progressing cancer in late 2014, and the rest of her days were lived out exactly how they were always planned to be while she was part of our family: with as much love, caring, and adoration as any dog could ever imagine.

We want to thank each and every one of you who came into the store [Lofty Dog] to visit with Pearl. She was one of the luckiest little dogs who ever brought light into the world.
We will always love her very much, and her presence will be so dearly missed.

“It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.”
(Thank you to a customer of ours for sharing this quote last week. It is a near perfect summation of how we feel for our pets, especially during times of loss.)


Pearl with a chew-toy


Mimi was the most loving pug we could have known. She came to us as our foster but quickly became part of the family. She had a few quirks that we miss dearly that include the following…barking when not being loved on by her family, needing to be on the bed or the couch, and rubbing her nose on us when she was excited. She is missed dearly.


a portrait of Mimi

King Baby Koda

Koda touched the lives of everyone he met. From the friends in my life to being a therapy dog when I did home health care. If it were not for Koda I wouldn’t have most of the people in my life I do today, I also wouldn’t have my sweet baby Pugloaf either. Because of Koda i got involved with the pug rescue of Austin when he developed allergies 2 years ago. Made a ton of friends, furry and human, and found the second love of my life Pugloaf, I decided that if I can have a dog, then Koda should too.

Koda is the sweetest most well behaved adorable little baby that ever graced this earth with his paws. He has been my friend, partner in crime and snuggle buddy for 12 years. I lost the house in my divorce but I got Koda, I feel like I won the war. He would come to work with me, greet me at the door when I come home and has filled my life with so much unconditional love that I can never ever repay him. The very least thing I can do for him is to let him go in peace and not spend the rest of his days miserable and in discomfort. As much as I wanted to keep him here, I know I must say goodbye to the love of my life.

It hurts me down to core to not see him anymore. My heart aches for him and I am not sure how to function in a Koda-less world. I am sure one day I will figure it out, but until then I will tell his story whenever I can and continue his legacy by saving more and more pugs. I know he would want that. Koda I will miss you my friend, you were the light in my life and the reason that I kept going some days. I will miss your adorable petite face and big fat body I loved so very much. You have been with me through thick and thin and I am blessed and thankful to have had you in my life, I will see you soon. Mommy loves you baby boy.


a portrait of King Baby Koda


We came across our sweet China on Pug Rescue’s website shortly after moving to Austin in 2007. Looking for a friend for our Pug Artemis and ourselves, we eagerly met her at an adoption event and fostered her for a few weeks before moving forward with the adoption. She was five years old and unlike most every Pug we know, with a general grumpy disposition towards other Pugs and dogs, establishing a reputation amongst our family and friends for her infamous “cannonball” move towards other dogs. She even tried her “cannonball” move on my sister’s Great Pyrenees in which she made no effect on him of course. She loved watching television, especially animals, and at times tried to “cannonball” through the television at her animal friends. China was not a fan of the great outdoors, walks, hikes, or swimming, but would begrudgingly come along for the family adventure, as long as there was plenty of treats and pettings in it for her. Her preference in life was to eat and couch potato it in front of the television, and in her last days on earth we did plenty of that together. She passed in July, and left us with an incredible void that will never be filled, but the pain is lessened with the memories and love we all experienced together in her tiny lifetime with us. We love and miss our sweet ChinaRoo, and look forward to the day we meet her at the rainbow bridge, where we know she is shaking things up.

With gratitude,
Sarah and Bobby

China with friend
(China is pictured on the right of the photo)


This is Otis… He was my first pug and I had him for 11 years and I miss him a lot… Otis loved dress-up and playing with his toy and going on car rides. He also makes me very happy.

– Jessica H.

Otis at a river


My Puggzy passed away 8-10-14. She had such a personality. She was the boss here at home. My husband always said she had me wrapped around her little curly tail..and it was true. I miss her so much i still cry for her. RIP my little Angel.


a portrait of Puggzy