Happy Tails – Sesame


Here is Olga Anne.  She used to be called Sesame but in real life Verna, Olga, and Anne are my grandmother’s sisters.  Verna and Olga, the pugs, are two peas in a pod.  It’s hard to get a picture of Olga Anne by herself because she and Verna are always together.  The sisters spend their days sunning themselves, when it’s not too hot, eating treats, going on walks, and jockeying for a position on mommy’s lap.












(Pending Adoption) Cherry- Age 1

Hi there, I’m Cherry!  I’m still a little pug pup at only 9 months old and I am looking for my forever family.  I get along with just about everyone- dogs and cats!  I’ll probably get along with your kiddos, too.  I’ve got a neurological issue that causes me to have a slight wobble in my step and a little trouble with my motor control, but I don’t let that hold me back.  Right now I’m working on my house training, and I’ve almost got it down.  I am so excited to go home to my permanent family.  I’m an adorable little pooch who is sure to bring a smile to your face everyday.  If you think we might make a great family, then fill out an application and tell them Cherry sent you.


(Adopted) Taco- Age 2

Hi! Hi! Hi!  Taco, here!  Wanna play?  I do!  I am the zoomiest zoomer you’ll ever see.  I’ve only been zooming for two years but I promise you’ll be amazed at how fast I can run and how much fun a little dude like me can be.  Speaking of fun, did I mention that I LOVE other dogs?  Right now, I’m looking for a family and I would be thrilled if I had a dog sibling.  I don’t know if I’d want human siblings though.  I think I might like to try to play with one, if I’m able to have a nice, slow introduction.  I’m not sure if cats would like me.  I haven’t met one but I hear that they might not want to play with me as much as I might want to play with them.

I know it’s probably surprising, but even though I’m an outgoing little guy, I’m actually a bit shy.  I get nervous around new people but once I warm up to you we’ll be best buds forever.  I am super loyal and love that I’m the perfect size to curl up on your lap.  There’s nothing I love more than running zoomies and then crashing on a lap to cuddle up for a nap.  Once we become best buds, I’d like to have you around me all the time.  You see, it’s really hard to be away from your best friend, so I’m hoping that my new family will have lots of time to spend with me.

If you think we might be a match, please submit an application and tell them the cute little chihuahua/pug, Taco, sent you!